• The women's shot put has a world-class participation!

    The discipline where the starting field is full of medalists from the EC, WC or Olympics is women's shot put. Let's first introduce Jessica Schilder from the Netherlands, although she finished seventh last year in Nehvizdy, but that was only the beginning of the indoor season, which she crowned with a bronze at the Indoor Continental Championships in Belgrade and then shone in the outdoor season when she won bronze at both the WC and the EC. Her big rival will certainly be the Swedish European indoor silver medalist Fanny Roos, a finalist of the World Cup and Olympic Games, or last year in Nehvizdy the second place Sarah Mitton from Canada with a great personal best of 20.33 m, a finalist WC and Commonwealth Games winner. Anita Márton from Hungary, former world and European indoor champion, bronze medalist from the 2016 Olympic Games, 2nd at the 2017 WC and Sara Gambetta from Hungary will certainly also have ambitions for a successful entry into the indoor season. > from Germany, defender of last year's triumph in Nehvizdy. Don't miss the exciting battle of the world's best shot putters and mark January 31 in your calendar in bold letters!

  • Favorites of the women's heigh jump competition

    In just 11 days, the 6th annual international athletic meeting HVĚZDY V NEHVIZDECH will take place, and we will start introducing you to the biggest stars of individual disciplines. We will be the first to introduce the biggest favorites of the women's high jump, who will be presented in the afternoon block from 3:00 p.m. Last year's victory will be defended by Yuliya Chumachenko from Ukraine, Ella Junnila from Finland will surely want to avenge her narrow defeat from the previous year, silver in Nehvizdy in 2022 and bronze at HME 2021 . Commonwealth Games bronze medalist Kimberly Williamson from Jamaica, with a personal best of 196 cm Kristina Ovchinnikova from Kazakhstan or some of the promising Czech high jumpers will certainly want to speak in their fight.

  • Czech TV Sport Highlights

    Who was not in the hall or did not watch the live stream, already this THURSDAY 3.2. from 16:25 on ČT SPORT's program you have the opportunity to see everything important during the half-hour recording.

  • The 4th from OH 2021 will perform in Nehvizdy!

    Another Olympian who will perform in Nehvizdy is WOO Sang-hyeok from the Republic of South Korea. At the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, he finished in an unpopular, but still great fourth place, thanks to a personal best of 2.35 m!

    foto: The Korea Herald

  • The best jumper of all time is heading to Nehvizdy!

    236 cm in high jump, 847 cm in long jump, last year a finalist of the Tokyo Olympics in both disciplines, this is JuVaughn HARRISON, a 22-year-old jumping miracle from the USA.

    foto:  Matthias Schrader

  • The meeting record holder Isachenkov returns to the scene

    Last year, he won in Nehvizdy with a performance of 796 cm, and in the summer he set his personal best outdoors to 797 cm - Yaroslav Isachenkov from Ukraine.

  • UK 2020 champion in the long jump

    Reynold Banigo , the British champion in the long jump from last year, will also visit Nehvizdy for the first time. With a personal best of 794 cm , he has ambitions to cross the 8-meter limit. Will he succeed in our country?

    foto: British Athletics

  • Nehvizdy is waiting for a duel of the two best high jumpers of the season

    Nehvizdy is looking forward to the tough battle! The two currently best high jumpers of the season, both with a performance of 233 cm - previously introduced Jamal Wilson from the Bahamas and also Luis Enrique Zayas Fernández from Cuba, the 2016 Junior World Champion, will clash in Nehvizdy!

    foto: World Athletics

  • The star of the women's high jump arrives from the island of Saint Lucia

    In the women's high jump, Levern Spencer from St. Lucia will not be missing. 1st at the Pan American Games, 1st at the NCAA, 6th at the Olympics, currently 5th in the world rankings. World extra class with a personal best of 198 cm .

    foto: slhta.com

  • Tynita Butts Towsend will not miss the Hvězdy again

    Last year she finished in 3rd place in Nehvizdy and she will not miss this year either! Tynita Butts Towsend , the US national team at the 2019 World Cup, is happy to return to Nehvizdy with a personal best of 193 cm .

  • The current Czech number one will also be present in Nehvizdy

    Marek Bahník with a personal best of 225 cm , currently the clear Czech number one. In Nehvizdy, he would like to get closer to his dream of qualifying for the Olympics.

  • Edgar Rivera from Mexico arrives to Nehvizdy by car

    Mexičan, který do Nehvizd dorazí autem? Ano! Edgar Rivera (osobní rekord 230 cm), olympionik a světová stálice mužské výšky, totiž studuje v Německu 🙂

    foto: milenio.com

  • Another participant in the Doha World Championships in the high jump sector

    Men's high jump will actually have a starting list full of big names. Another of the constellation of fighters with a personal best over 230 cm is McEwen Shelby from the USA, NCAA champion of the USA and representative of the USA at the last World Championships in Doha. His personal best is 231 cm !

    foto: University of Alabama Athletics

  • Rising star of Swiss high jump

    At the beginning of February, the 26-year-old handsome Gasch Loic , a rising star of Swiss high jump, will also head to Nehvizd with a fresh new personal best of 230 cm .

    foto: athletix.ch

  • Tomáš Staněk is also returning to Nehvizdy!

    We can also look forward to Tomáš Staňek , a lover of good coffee. With a personal best of 22.17 m , the national record holder, the record holder of our meeting, 3rd at the World Championships and 2nd at the European Championships. He knows the hall in Nehvizdy well and is looking forward to the meeting!

  • Nehvizdy will also welcome the multiple champion of Luxembourg

    Another of the "crumbs" to try out the hall in Nehvizdy in the shot put sector is Bob Bertemes , a multiple Luxembourg champion who is a 22.22m record holder in his country.

    foto: European Athletics

  • Italian youth will show its strength

    Nehvizdy will also welcome the policeman and champion of his country Leonard Fabri . The young Italian, who improves with each competition, is a medalist from the European Under-19 and Under-23 Championships with a 21.99 m .


  • National champion of Egypt is heading to colder climate

    Another confirmed participant in the shot put sector is Mostafa Arm Hassan. A native of Egypt, the champion of his country and the 3rd best shot putter of the African continent, he is proud of his 21.31 m.

    foto: The Coloradoan

  • Gianmarco Tamberi is heading to Nehvizdy!

    The Italian phenomenon Gianmarco Tamberi is heading to Nehvizdy. The national record holder of his country has an incredible personal best of 239 cm !!! The World and The European Champion fills the largest sports halls in the world thanks to the great show he puts on during the competitions. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, you will only watch Gianmarco online. We believe that he will love being in Nehvizdy and we will all enjoy the next year together in the hall. Gianmarco has been characterized since his youth by always competing with one half of his face shaved. The other half, on the other hand, he keeps covered with spirited Italian beard.

    foto: Reuters

  • Another of the returnees to the high-jump competition

    Another returnee to the high-jump competition is Chris Baker , the UK champion and bronze medalist from the European Championships with a great personal best 236 cm ! In 2020, Chris showed us very high jumps, but perhaps due to the delay of the plane and the arrival at the race late at night, he did not hit the takeoffs perfectly. We believe that in 2021 all timing will be set correctly. If anything flies out of England at all…

  • The multi-time champion of Lithuania is heading to Nehvizdy again

    Andrius Glebauskas - multi-time champion of Lithuania and third man of the World Universiade returns to Nehvizdy after a two-year pause. High-jumper with a personal best of 228 cm is looking forward to the competition after a long competition break due to COVID-19 and would like to get closer to participating in the Olympics. According to the training parameters, he is in great shape, so we can expect that Andrius will attack his personal best.

    foto: Vytautas Dranginio

  • After a year, the Portuguese giant returns to Nehvizdy

    Another of the athletes who were so captivated by the atmosphere in Nehvizdy that they decided to come again. Tsanko Arnaudov - Born in Bulgaria, but has spent his entire life in Portugal, in whose colors he received 3. place at the European Championships in Amsterdam . Tsanka's personal best is a great 21.56m . Tsanko is conditioned with his stature for power discipline - his 2 m and 155 kg you definitely don't want to upset.

  • Shot putters from Jamaica love Nehvizdy!

    Ashinia Miller , a Jamaican shot putter with a personal best of 20.93 m, will be the second participant in our meeting from the promised land of athletics. His national team colleague Richards O'Dayne set a new Jamaican indoor national record of 20.68 m in 2019 in Nehvizdy. Ashinia is ready to overcome this mark in Nehvizdy to get to the top of the historic national tables.

    foto: www.zimbio.com

  • Fernando Fereira v Nehvizdech po třetí!

    Like his great friend Jamal, Fernando Ferreira is returning to Nehvizdy for the third time! Fernando is also proud of his personal best above the magical limit of the world elite 230 cm . His has indoor personal best of 226 cm, but our fans certainly know that, because this performance is the national record of Brazil and Fernando broke it last year at our meeting! Undoubtedly, the greatest experience for Fernando is the participation in the Olympic Games right at home in Rio in 2016 , the birth of his son last year and the stormy atmosphere after a record attempt in Nehvizdy. "The excitement of the children and their cheering in your city was unbelievable," said Fernando during the discussions about his third participation. We are glad that we have invited Fernando in previous years, when he was not yet such a shining star as he is now. Fernando and Jamal are invited to the world's largest meetings with a much larger budget than we have, but thanks to the exclusive relationships we have built, these stars like to return to a small town just outside the Prague!

  • The first star of our meeting confirmed!

    The first officially confirmed star of the meeting is the audience darling Jamal Wilson . This Bahamian showman is going to Nehvizdy for the third time and we are very happy that our meeting has become his favorite! Jamal is the world number one in 2020, thanks to personal best improvements up to 233 cm ! In addition to high jump, he cares for his girlfriend, who works as a professional photographer. The biggest Jamal's curiosity is the own clothing brand that Jamal is launching: www.fearlessbyhighbarz.com . Whoever Jamal managed to attract during the two years in Nehvizdy with his amazing approach to the fans shouldn't hesitate and should certainly go and buy from Jamal's new amazing brand!

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